Beware the Roller Coaster…!

Most businesses have to deal with the roller coaster, which isn’t as much fun as it sounds…!  In fact, one of the keys to long-term success is to make sure you’ve got the roller coaster under control (as much as possible). What is the roller coaster? The roller coaster is when your business goes through […]

Are you being impacted by Cognitive Disruption? I bet you are…

A survey by Pew this past January revealed that 77% of all Americans have smartphones and 92% of all Americans under age 35 have smartphones.   Those percentages would only climb if you added “employed/working ” to the demographic surveyed.  The bottom line is nearly every one of your employees has a smartphone and they are […]

Feeling Stagnant in your business? Here’s what NOT to do…

I talked with two different business owners last week and both remarked that they were feeling like they were stuck. Things in the business were fine, but it all felt very similar to last year… and the year before… and in general they were starting to feel like they were just going through the motions.  […]

The Art of Leadership

  Maybe it is just a heightened cognitive awareness, but it sure seems like the topic of “Leadership” is on the rise in the last few years.   Whether is it clients specifically wanting to work on developing their leaders, books about leadership, leadership seminars designed for business, or just hearing the word in general conversation […]

Wealth Building? Check out Every Family’s Business…

As a business owner, are you in business to create wealth or are you trying to create some kind of family legacy? Far too many businesses, especially family businesses get bogged down with the idea that their business MUST span generations and be a legacy for younger generations. The reality is that very few businesses […]

Simple Success… Is 4 the Magic Number?

Limiting quantities to “4” as a means to simplify has proven to be pretty successful in a lot of instances throughout history.  Who knows what the original driver was, maybe it started with the human species only having four limbs or was it the four seasons of the year, or the four cardinal directions, or […]