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    13 Oct

    Happy man with money

    When you’re heads down running your business, it can be really challenging to get some perspective on how things are going…even something as straightforward as how much money you should be making.

    We presented last week for Enterprise University – our topic was “Do You

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    05 Oct


    My daughter shared an infographic of great quotes with me created by Cornerstone OnDemand.   It is 42 fictional quotes from the big and little screen that were not only powerful in the scene, but often inspire us on a more personal level.    The infographic grouped

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    28 Sep


    You will deal with adversity.

    Some days things just aren’t going to go your way. The day that you come in and find out:

    • You’ve lost a long term client or
    • You missed out on a deal that you were sure you were going to land or
    • A good employee unexpectedly

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    22 Sep


    The world has permanently shrunk itself now that we are all connected 24/7.  But the reality is you can’t be on all the time. Even the energizer bunny’s batteries eventually run out.   Traditionally we have thought of the weekend as our downtime, but even there, flexible work schedules

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    15 Sep


    “It isn’t what we don’t know that gives us trouble, it’s what we know that ain’t so.”      – Will Rogers

    I’m pretty sure we all carry around head trash – things that we believe that aren’t actually true. Of course since we believe it, it never

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