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5 reasons why your networking doesn’t work

Photo by skippyjon If you think networking is a waste of time and it doesn’t work…then you’re not doing it right! (how’s that for a slap in the face?). As a small business owner, one area where you have a clear advantage over a larger company is networking (people engage with other people, not corporations).  […]

Is your company simply noise?

I recently ran across a website Simply Noise ; it’s a noise generator. I find it helps with concentration when I am working. It is especially helpful for those who live with tinnitus (ringing in your ears). So far, Brown/Oscillating is my favorite. But it got me thinking about how some businesses find ways to […]

Try this: Listen, Help and then sell

  Here’s the answer to your problem…! It’s an easy trap to fall into…you’re good at what you do, you know your product / service inside and out and you genuinely want to help your prospective customer (and make a sale).  So once you get a quick overview of their situation, you start your sales […]

Winning Advice – Hire Quality People

“Hire Quality People” It was on a piece of paper, given to me by a dealer mentor when I bought my dealership in 1997. A handwritten recipe with 5 areas I should master to have a successful business. In fact, the entire hand written document only contained about 200 words. There was no fluff, just […]