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Open up your mind with MindTools

  photo by Nina Matthews Photography Free your mind…and the rest will follow! If you want to be more successful you have to open up your mind and be willing to keep learning!  Obviously there are a lot of great books out there, SmartBriefs are an invaluable tool, there are a huge number of great […]

Is Enchantment a Competitive Advantage?

The holy grail of business is coming up with a competitive advantage that can’t be reasonably matched by your competitors.  If you can pull it off, you essentially don’t have competitors.  When you think of creating competitive advantage, you typically think of innovation, maybe technology, barriers of entry of some sort, maybe even some sort […]

Where’s the bottleneck in your business?

  photo by icatus When you’re talking about overall business effectiveness, the first thing you have to figure out is where the bottleneck is within your business (side note – it’s really challenging to find a good picture to represent a bottleneck). Of course the bottleneck is the constriction / constraint in terms of your […]

Exhausted? How to get off the couch?

As a business owner, there will come a day when you’re just flat out tired.  You don’t want to get out of bed, and if you do get out of bed, you don’t want to do much.  All in all, you’re struggling. Assuming it’s not some form of the flu, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed or […]

How to get their attention…so you can sell

  photo by Jesse757 It can be really hard to get someone’s attention.  From a business perspective, there are people walking around you right now who have money and could theoretically spend it on your product or service.  If you could get their attention – you might be able to sell them something. The problem […]

10 Ways to Take Control of your Marketing

  photo by x-ray delta one Does your marketing suck?  Wouldn’t you like to strap on your mind control helmet and make your target market sit up and listen to all the great things you could do for them? There are times when marketing feels like black magic…or maybe rocket science, but the reality is […]