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Lessons from Avenue Q!

We went downtown on Sunday night to catch the touring edition of Avenue Q.  Side Note – there must be something to this Kansas City downtown revival – there were at least 3 major events going on during a Sunday night and parking was a challenge.  It was great to see that many people out and […]

How big is your pipeline? Breakeven Analysis 101 part 2!

A few months ago I did an entry on using a simplified financial break-even calculation that a business owner could use for high level strategic planning based on what they’d like to make.  You can see the details here. As a quick summary, the revenue you need to reach a financial break-even point is your […]

Are you sitting on the next big thing?

I’ve been having a great ongoing discussion with a couple of friends on a business opportunity that one of them is facing.  Over the course of the last 10 years or so, this friend has been doing sales transaction analysis and consulting for small to medium sized companies. What’s really interesting is that he’s uncovered a set […]

Are you stressed out?

This is probably a rhetorical question for a small business owner.  You’ve got a million things to do ranging from: getting your bookkeeping and payroll updated (or at least reviewed), checking into the details of an HR question an employee brought up last week, a vague sense that you ought to have a PLAN for […]

Are you stuck trading time for money?

I’ve talked to quite a few people lately that have recognized that they are the constraint for their business. In order to make more money, based on the way they are currently working, they personally need to work more hours.  The problem with that approach is that they’re already working more than they’d like to […]

Cash is King…

I had the chance to talk with one of my fellow PBCA members (Professional Business Coaches Alliance) the other day who is also a CPA.  I always find it interesting to get his perspective because I (like a lot of people) sometimes get overwhelmed with financial jargon. Unlike some CPAs, John does a great job of […]